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Semantics on the Web and You: Why?
    Tuesday June 14, 2011 11:00am - 11:50am @ Room 108
    Many would agree that one of the next frontiers on the Web is adding, or deducing, machine readable meaning from information present on the web. Current standards provide a language to participate in this ecosystem, but what's in it for you? We'll cover the basics of the terminology, and then discuss well-established uses of this technology, and the latest trends. List the track(s) in which you feel your presentation will fit:  Tech Masters On the Edge Identify the technical level of your presentation:  Introductory - Assumes no prior knowledge of topic Please identify the prerequisite knowledge or skills the audience needs to take full advantage of this presentation:  Basic familiarity with the Web and common services such as search. Please describe the skills or knowledge that the audience will gain after attending this presentation:  A basic understanding of Semantic Web and Linked Data terminology, and an understanding of its relevance to the current Web practitioner.
    Level: Advanced - Assumes a solid grasp of topic and extensive experience.
    Prerequisite: Significant experience developing Web applications. Thorough understanding of data modeling and analytis.  Understanding of the RDF data model and how it can be applied to build a new kind of Web application.
    Type On The Edge

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