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NoNoSql: Architecture Patterns for Semantic Web Applications
    Tuesday June 14, 2011 1:00pm - 1:50pm @ Room 208
    NoNoSql: Architecture Patterns for Semantic Web Applications
    Four out of five highly-paid Oracle DBAs agree that rigid Relational data models are fun for everyone.
    So what if you’re that fifth guy or gal? Yeah, NoSQL key-value stores may scale, but your crucial scalable data is complete gibberish without that custom DAO layer to interpret it. Can we strike a balance between unstructured data and rigid relational schemas? The W3C’s Semantic Web standards (Yeah, *that* W3C) may be the answer.
    This session will present some common patterns for applying Semantic Web Standards (RDF, RDFa, and OWL) to today's higher education websites and applications. Each pattern progressively builds upon the others, culminating in a model for a fully-semantic Web application able to ingest and publish data with rich semantics. Plus, they taste great with REST!
    WARNING: Session may include one or more incompletely-understood mathematical concepts. Mathematicians and professional philosophers are asked to please keep their big yaps shut while we’re building stuff.
    Level: Advanced - Assumes a solid grasp of topic and extensive experience.
    Prerequisite: Significant experience developing Web applications. Thorough understanding of data modeling and analysis. 
    PRESENTATION SLIDES: http://www.slideshare.net/bpanulla/architecture-patterns-for-semantic-web-applications
    Type TechMasters and Applications

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