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Federated Collaboration
    Monday June 13, 2011 10:00am - 10:50am @ Room 107
    Level:  Intermediate/Advanced
    Federated applications are becoming increasingly ubiquitous on the Internet. Currently, Penn State supports federation via Shibboleth software and the InCommon Federation. This works well among federation members, but may leave out some of our colleagues at non-federation institutions. Incorporating social identities (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!) into federated applications allows more wide-spread use, enabling collaboration with institutions that don't participate in InCommon. Some of these social media providers support several authentication protocols, either natively or through a proxy service. This presentation will focus on how you, as a website administrator, could open up your site to allow for third-party identity providers. Shibboleth/SAML, OAuth and OpenID protocols will be explained. Examples of software that lend themselves well to federated collaborations will be discussed, for example Drupal and Confluence. Federated user-managed groups will also be introduced. At Penn State, we provide the ability for users to create their own groups, which then can be used for authorization determinations by applications that support LDAP groups. Federated groups take this idea a step further, allowing a Penn State user to add a collaborator from another institution to a group. Membership in this group can be used to allow access to local resources.
    Prerequisite knowledge:  Familiarity with federated authentication techniques, Shibboleth, OpenID and OAuth.
    Familiarity with Shibboleth Service Provider setup a plus.
    Familiarity with authorization determinations via LDAP groups a plus.
    Audience will gain:  Understanding of Virtual Organizations, Collaborative Organizations. Understanding of how to leverage ET's Shibboleth Open Identity Providers to enable federating your own applications. Knowledge of Federated User Managed Groups and how to leverage these in your LDAP enabled applications.
    Type TechMasters and Applications

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