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The Fittest Survive: Site Iteration and Adaptation
    Tuesday June 14, 2011 2:00pm - 2:50pm @ Room 206
    Shortening the lifecycle of site changes allows for fast adjustments to interface and content. If something's wrong, you'll hear about it—as long as you're listening. During the recent redesign and launch of uic.edu, several sections were moved, removed, flipped, switched, shrunk and expanded. Our improvements were moment-to-moment, based on feedback via surveys, analytics, testing, email, in person and through mailing lists. We were able to turn around internal opinion and potential political incidents by responding quickly. Similarly, during the most recent redesign of admissions.psu.edu, Penn State Admissions needed similar agility. In that case, close contact with students and front-line phone staff was key: we got news of problems as they happened and could adjust the site appropriately. Lessons learned: be messy. Get it in front of people. Fail small. Adapt. And thrive.
    Level: Introductory - Assumes no prior knowledge of topic
    Prerequisite knowledge: Usability testing Please describe the skills or knowledge that the
    Audience will gain:  Iteration: how to apply feedback.
    PRESENTATION SLIDES: http://www.slideshare.net/apetersen/the-fittest-survive-site-iteration-and-adaptation-penn-state-web-conference
    Type On The Edge

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