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Technology for the People...
    Tuesday June 14, 2011 11:00am - 11:50am @ Room 107
    Technology for the People and By the People: Enhancing a Distance Library Studies Course with Virtual Field Trips, How-To Videos, Blogs and Mobilitymultimedia content
    Our government was established on the assumption that common people did not have the access to the information to become directly involved. Information had to be accessed at a central location, in libraries and universities. Today, technology allows people to access information quickly and to communicate with their representatives directly. It seems fitting that a course in Library Studies Research Methods for Law and Government Resources should use technology to bring information directly to its community of learners wherever they are, on whatever technology they choose. In this session, we will show how we overcame the challenge of teaching library literacy in a distance education format, with multimedia content as well social media, such as a virtual field trip to Paterno, click by click video tutorials, and a research assignment completed in a blog format. All of this and an mLearning site round out this course offered via the World Campus. Students work on a project where they “create” their own law by locating, researching and citing similar laws. For each component of the project, the students document their research in their blog. Students are encouraged to read and comment on each other’s blogs throughout. From the course mobile site, students are able to view the syllabus, course assignments, due dates and weekly announcements via their mobile devices. They can also view the videos and sign up for an RSS feed of their classmates’ blog entries.
    Level:  Introductory - Assumes no prior knowledge of topic
    Prerequisite knowledge:   N/A
    Audience will gain: Attendees will gain an understanding of how using a mobile site, multimedia content, and social media can be used to engage and create an immersive experience for an audience.
    Type Content

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