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Keynote: Scott Thomas
    SCOTT THOMAS, who goes by the moniker SimpleScott, lives by the idea that the simplest solution is the best one. Whether he's building a website or singing emails operatically the motivation is always "less is more." Back when SimpleScott had free time he could be found at a letterpress fashioning original prints and collaborating with fellow members of the design collective, The Post Family.
    All that, and his dream of rationalizing the irrational theory of the golden ratio, came to a halt when he became the Design Director for the Obama Campaign. Soon enough, SimpleScott found himself redesigning WhiteHouse.gov and trying to impress politicos with his Lincoln-like beard.
    When the historic election ended he felt he should somehow record his experience. Two years later he self-published Designing Obama, a chronicle on the role of art and design in the political realm. We are all patiently awaiting Obamaʼs rave review.
    SimpleScott plans to continue working on creative projects that might just one day change the world. (Cue music)
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