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Picnic at Tussey Mountain Lodge
    Note: You must have preregistered in order to attend.
    On Monday evening, June 13 we'll be holding a barbecue picnic at the Tussey Mountain Lodge sponsored by Adobe and the Web Conference.

    When the sessions and workshops are over on Monday, you'll have just over an hour to get into your picnic clothes and either take the transportation provided from and back to the conference hotel(s) or meet us there. A lovely picnic will be provided in the lodge with additional seating outside on the covered deck.
    You will be able to either pay as you go or purchase a wristband to ride go karts, play par 3 golf, or get your X-Games on and use the outdoor skate park. The batting cages will only be available on a pay as you go basis.

    The lodge bar will be in operation if you wish to purchase a beverage or two.

    You will be asked to indicate whether or not you intend to go during the registration process. This is so that we may have the appropriate amount of food available.
    Type Picnic Excursion

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