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Accessibility is for Everyone
    Monday June 13, 2011 1:00pm - 1:50pm @ Room 206
    According to a recent CDC survey, about 1 in 13 children are being diagnosed with ADHD. The number of children diagnosed with sensory processing disorder is 5-10%, with the actually number of people affected estimated somewhere between 12-30% of the population. When you factor in special needs, the effects of aging, different learning styles, and the desire to have more options for content, Web Accessibility is not just for the 2% of the population with severe hearing impairments or the 0.3% who are legally blind. It's about providing as much access to our content in as many ways as possible. As a land-grant institution, Penn State has a strong commitment to making its programs and resources accessible. In this session, we'd like to discuss why making your content accessible benefits everyone, and share some best practices and experiences in accessibility.
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